In five critical areas, the Alliance members are aligning existing efforts throughout South Carolina to improve health and healthcare for all, while also lowering costs. We need help to improve health and healthcare in South Carolina. We can’t succeed if we don’t have everyone at the table working together and sharing information. Whether as a member of the Alliance or as a partner, we want all relevant parties to be involved in this campaign to transform South Carolina. There are several different ways to help achieve the Alliance Collective Agenda for Health Improvement.

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Alliance staff are very fortunate to participate in several coalition meetings and receive emails from members and partners letting us know the latest news,  so we are constantly informed of what’s going on in health in the state, and we love to share. Follow us on social media to be updated of what’s going on in health in SC and the US.

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The Alliance is not alone in its commitment to improve health and healthcare for all in South Carolina. Several coalitions work on specific priorities of interest for the Alliance. Join them to make a difference.

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