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Share your commitment, progress and results!

Alliance Members are committed to coordinating action on shared goals to improve the health of ALL people in South Carolina.

Please share here the specific changes/activities you are doing to align with the Alliance Goals. If you are further down the road, please describe the changes you did to align with the Alliance Goals, the results you have achieved, and the lessons you learned.

Email to share your progress. Please let us send us any media you would like to share in the Alliance newsletter. 

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Alliance General Meeting Notes

April 2017: SlidesMinutes

January 2017: Slides | Notes

October 2016: SlidesNotes

July 2016: SlidesNotes

April 2016: Action Items | Notes 

January 2016: SummaryNotes

October 2015: Summary | Notes






2017 Alliance Teams Meeting Calendar

Policy and Advocacy Team

All meetings are 10am to 12pm

  • March 29
  • May 31
  • September 27
  • December 6

Health Equity Team

All meetings are 1pm to 3pm

  • March 7
  • June 6
  • September 5
  • December 5

Alignment Team 

All meetings are from 3pm to 5pm

  • February 28
  • May 23
  • August 22
  • November 14

Communications Team

All meetings are from 1pm to 3pm

  • February 3
  • May 5
  • August 4
  • November 3

Who are the Alliance Members?

The Alliance membership is available to organizations committed to coordinating action on shared goals to improve the health of ALL people in South Carolina.
The “Member” is a short way to refer to the Member Organization’s Main Representative at the Alliance (CEO, Executive Director, or member of the executive team).
Staff of  Member Organizations are eligible to participate as work group team members.
Individuals and organizations that are helping achieve the Alliance’s vision for a Healthier South Carolina but who are not Members, are referred to as “Partners” or “Collaborators”.

Role of the Alliance

  • Supporting existing work: The Alliance leverages the existing and potential assets and expertise in the state that support the vision for a healthier South Carolina.
  • Influencing: The Alliance uses its collective voice to influence organizational, policy, and systems change in in keeping with our shared agenda for a healthier South Carolina for ALL.
  • Catalyzing action: Raising awareness to catalyze individual and collective action to address the root causes of poor health for populations who are currently not thriving in our state.
  • Enabling collaboration: Encouraging and supporting the alignment of different coalitions and organizations that are addressing the priorities of the Alliance.
  • Enabling innovation: Providing a common vision for the future that each member and partner can develop individually or in partnership with others.
  • Being data-driven: Using and disseminating data that measures the collective progress of South Carolina towards the common vision for health improvement.

Expectations of Member Organizations

  • Senior leadership: The main representative of the organization should be the CEO, Executive Director, Board president, or part of the executive leadership of the organization, and attend 75% or more of the Alliance senior leadership meetings.
  • Share expenses: The Member Organizations will authorize monetary contributions to support the operations of the Alliance. The amount needed to cover annual expenses is determined by the Alliance Leadership Team in December of each year.
  • Collective mindfulness and self-motivation: Members are self-motivated to enhance their current work in alignment with the collective agenda for health improvement of the Alliance. This means that members are encouraged to lead or join others in initiatives that support the vision for a healthier South Carolina for ALL.
  • Accountability: Member organizations will inform other Alliance members about the new or enhanced actions that they are taking in alignment with the Alliance vision, and share results.
  • Promote alignment: Members with capacity to influence resources and/or policy, will promote alignment of efforts to avoid duplication and maximize the effectiveness of the existing resources.
  • Be part of the Collective Voice of the Alliance: Members are part of the discussions and disclose restrictions to support collective decisions.