SC Progress in Call to Action for Health Equity (Non-Hospitals)

The Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina, along with 33 partner organizations, has issued a Call to Action for Health Equity which focuses on changing the way organizations see their role in helping diverse populations make healthy choices, access health and social services, and enjoy healthier physical and social environments. This timeline encompasses the progress of non-hospital Call To Action for Health Equity members.

For the hospital timeline, click here.

August 30, 2016: Identify a disparity to eliminate

Identify a disparity (by race, ethnicity, zip-code, income) that your organization can directly impact and design a plan to address this gap. Make sure you identify a time-bound baseline and target disparity value. Make sure you include people with lived experience in the design of your plan.

If you already selected a disparity and are not in this list, contact

  1. AARP: Develop a minimum of five new General Assembly members as champions of Medicaid Expansion, re-engage 20% of existing supporters to take action in favor of Medicaid Expansion, and engage at least four new groups in the Close the Gap campaign.
  2. The Carolinas Center for Hospice and End of Life Care: Intentionally look for people of color to serve their association board and raise awareness with hospice and palliative care providers about their own programs and intentional hiring practices to include more people of color in management roles.
  3. Clemson University: Increasing by 10% the number of minority and underserved students in the health sciences at Clemson University by 2018.
  4. The Duke Endowment: Commitment to work with AccessHealth SC to address disparities
  5. PASOs: Latino ethnicity: PASOs will work to increase access to health and early childhood resources for Latino individuals and will provide training and consulting to other agencies/organizations on more effective service provision to Latinos.
  6. SC Institute of Medicine and Public Health (SC IMPH): Increase the number of behavioral health professionals in all settings who are bilingual and can meet the needs of our non-English speaking population, put into place a system whereby incarcerated adults have their Medicaid benefits suspended rather than eliminated, and develop a formal discharge planning process with jail and prison inmates who have a behavioral health illness.
  7. SC Thrive: Decrease by 10% the proportion of people who needed to see a doctor but couldn’t due to cos


Organizations that completed the first milestone

October 30, 2016: Make a plan to ensure cultural competence training of all staff

Provide cultural competency training for all staff or finalize a plan to ensure your staff receives cultural competency training in calendar year 2017. The following organizations have completed cultural competency training or have a plan to do so.

  1. SC AARP
  2. South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SC DHEC)
  3. SC Institute of Medicine and Public Health (IMPH)
  4. PASOs

If you finished your plan or are in the process of implementing it, contact


Organizations that completed the second milestone

February 28, 2017: Establish a health equity action plan with your Executive Team

Have a conversation with your executive team and produce a measurable action plan that ensures active monitoring of disparities, improving levels of engagement with vulnerable populations, and enhancing recruitment and promotion protocols or students, employees, and board members so they are protected from diversity blind spots.

If you had this conversation (or have a date set), let know!


Organizations that completed the third milestone

April 30, 2017: Present your plan to the Board and report on action items

Present the plan built in February to your board (or similar governance body).

Report on action items of this conversation, and highlight how board members can use its resources and relationships to improve equity in the community.

If you had this conversation (or have a date set), let know!


Organizations that completed the fourth milestone