The Alliance

The Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina is an unprecedented volunteer collaboration of more than 50 diverse organizations across the state working together on coordinating action on shared goals for healthier bodies, minds and communities in South Carolina for ALL —while reducing the future cost of care.

The Alliance includes businesses, academic institutions, advocacy groups, insurers, government, healthcare providers, philanthropic organizations, policy experts and others.

Through the collective efforts of its members and other strong state and community coalitions, the Alliance is working toward the day when South Carolina leads the nation in the continuous improvement of health and healthcare for ALL people in the state.

The Alliance has a distributive leadership model, where every organization and partner is challenged to innovate, enhance and implement initiatives that contribute to creating a healthier South Carolina for ALL by 2020.

To ensure that the collection of efforts of all members and partners creates a multiplicative effect in the health of all people, a Leadership Team interconnected to several different working groups serves as a central hub to communicate, coordinate, and catalyze action.