About Us


When it comes to healthcare in South Carolina, we all agree there’s room for improvement. Because of economic, racial and geographic disparities, it’s hard for many children and adults in the Palmetto state to live healthy lives
Many organizations are improving health and healthcare in South Carolina, but their efforts aren’t often as coordinated as they could be which can result in fragmented, duplicative activities that don’t always achieve the best results.
Between 2010 and 2013 a group of senior leaders -from academia, businesses, consumers, providers, philanthropy, insurance, government, and policy- became increasingly aware of the several successful but uncoordinated efforts targeted at impacting diverse aspects of health in the state; and saw promise in the development of coalitions that were trying to minimize duplication and maximize impact in specific health outcomes such as stroke and premature births.


These founding leaders decided to work with other leaders in the state to take collective responsibility for the health of all in the state through the creation of the South Carolina Health Coordinating Council, known today as the Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina.


The Alliance for a Healthier South Carolina is a coalition of more than 50 executive leaders from diverse organizations across the state working together to ensure that all people in South Carolina have the opportunity to have healthier bodies, minds, and communities while reducing the future cost of care.


To coordinate action on shared goals to improve the health of ALL people in South Carolina.                    .


To lead the nation in the continuous improvement of health and health care at a lower cost, for all people in South Carolina.