Dashboard & Call To Action

In this page, see a dashboard of the population health outcome metrics that we are tracking, and scroll down to see our Call to Action for Health Equity and how well partners are doing in the process.

Alliance Outcomes Dashboard

In five critical areas, the Alliance members are aligning existing efforts throughout South Carolina to improve health and healthcare for all, while also lowering costs.
By agreeing on common goals, the Alliance started the process of aligning individual efforts of many organizations into something larger, with greater potential for shared synergy and better results.

Click here for full view of the Dashboard, which includes goals, objectives, and strategies

Alliance Call to Action for Health Equity

CalltoActionThe Alliance along with 33 partner organizations has issued a Call to Action for Health Equity  which focuses on changing the way organizations see their role in helping diverse populations make healthy choices, access health and social services, and enjoy healthier physical and social environments. It is composed of four actions that will help our organizations understand obstacles to health improvement and how to work together to develop sustainable solutions for accelerating health improvement for everyone in South Carolina.