Guiding Framework

A short and technical way of describing the work of the Alliance, is that it seeks to achieve “Triple Aim” for ALL people in South Carolina through “Collective Impact”. Read and click below to better understand these terms.

The Triple Aim

The Alliance efforts are intended to meet the tenets of the “Triple Aim”, which is a single aim, with three dimensions:

  • Improve population health
    • This refers to the improvement of health for ALL people in South Carolina. It includes outcomes of clinical care, and of the social, economic, and environmental conditions that help or hinder all of us from achieving our optimal potential for good health.
  • Improve the experience of care
    • This refers specifically to healthcare services that are safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable for ALL people in South Carolina.
  • Lower per-capita costs of care
    • This refers to the overall expense in healthcare in South Carolina (insurance premiums, out of pocket expenditures, charity care, etc) divided by the number of people in the state.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement has more information about the Triple Aim and term disambiguation.

Collective Impact

Collective Impact is a framework that resulted from the understanding that no single organization has the ability to solve any major social problem at scale by itself.

When it comes to health in South Carolina, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Our costs are high, but our health is poor—and because of economic, racial and geographic disparities, it’s hard for many children or adults in the Palmetto state to live healthy lives. This is why the Alliance has committed to joining efforts with all others who are interested in improving the health of ALL people in South Carolina.

In order to generate the Collective Impact we need to accelerate improvement, the 50+ members of the Alliance have been working with and learning from the multiple health-related coalitions in the state, to develop the building blocks of the Collective Impact Framework in our state:

The first Collective Impact article was released in 2011. More information about subsequent publications and tools is available at the FSG website.