Alignment Team


The main purpose of the Alignment Team is to guide and promote the tactical alignment of efforts of Alliance member organizations, Alliance Teams, and Coalitions to ensure progress towards the Alliance 2020 Goals. This includes but is not limited to the following activities:

  • Maximize follow-up on key ideas that come up from Alliance Meetings or Alliance Team meetings.
  • Enable synergistic collaboration between the Alliance and other strong state and community coalitions.
  • Identify and inform individual Alliance members and/or Coalitions about opportunities for tactical alignment in support of the Alliance 2020 Goals.
  • Promote Coalition collaboration to accelerate progress towards Alliance 2020 Goals.
  • Identify and inform the Leadership Team of opportunities for strategic Alignment of Alliance Members.
  • Develop a plan to meaningfully include grassroots community input into Alliance decision making.



Mark Binkley, JD

Deputy Director, SC Department of Mental Health, Email Mark

Rick Foster, MD

SVP and Executive Director Catalyst for Health at SC Hospital Association, Email Rick

Joe Kyle

Director Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention at DHEC, Email Joe

Melinda Merrell

Senior Program Director at SC Office of Rural Health, Email Melinda

Maggie Cash Michael

Executive Director at SC Children's Hospital Collaborative, Email Maggie

Lee Pearson, Dr.PH

Director of Operations at SC Institute of Medicine and Public Health, Email Lee

Christine Turley, MD

Chief Medical Officer at Health Sciences SC, Email Chris

Mandy Williams

Program Manager II at SC DHHS, Email Mandy

Vicki Young, PhD

Chief Operating Officer at SC Primary Health Care Association, Email Vicki