Health Equity Acceleration Team


  • Serve as a resource for Alliance members who are willing to include disparity reduction as a core component of its day to day work in the individual impact and collective impact of their work.
  • Evaluate progress of the health disparities periodically
  • Serve as steering committee for the South Carolina Call to Action for Health Equity 
  • 2017 Meeting Times: To Be Announced


Jaqlyn Atkins

DHEC, Email Jaqlyn

Mark Binkley

SC Department of Mental Health, Email Mark

Johnese Bostic

DHEC, Email Johnese

Debbie Chatman-Bryant

MUSC, Email Debbie

Kinneal Coltman

Greenville Health System, Email Kinneal

Wallace Cunningham

AARP, Email Wallace

Kathy Dunleavy

Mary Black Foundation, Email Kathy

Amy Edmunds

Coastal Carolina University, Email Amy

Crystal Evans

SC Primary Health Care Association, Email Crystal

Richard Foster

South Carolina Hospital Association, Email Rick

David Garr

SC AHEC, Email David

Saundra Glover

USC, Email Saundra

Sara Goldsby

SC DAODAS, Email Sara

Christopher Goodman

USC, Email Christopher

Sara Griffin

Clemson, Email Sara

Anton Gunn

MUSC, Email Anton

Marisette Hasan

The Carolinas Center for Hospice and End of Life Care, Email Marisette

Holly Hayes

USC, Email Holly

Erika Kirby

Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of SC, Email Erika

Naomi Lett

United Way Association of SC, Email Naomi

Melanie Matney

AccessHealth SC, Email Melanie

Rachel Mayo

Clemson, Email Rachel

Ally Money

Health Sciences SC, Email Ally

Aunyika Moonan

SC Hospital Association, Email Aunyika

Mary Piepenbring

The Duke Endowment, Email Mary

Tricia Richardson

SC Thrive, Email Tricia

Jessica Sharp

Greenville Health System, Email Jessica

Juana Slade

AnMed Health, Email Juana

Sabra Slaughter

MUSC, Email Sabra

Shawn Stinson

Blue Cross Blue Shield SC, Email Shawn

Thais Thomas

Tidelands Health, Email Thais

Myriam Torres

USC, Email Myriam

Christine Turley

Health Sciences SC, Email Christine

Cynthia Walters

Palmetto Health, Email Cynthia

Lisa Wear-Ellington

SC Business Coalition on Health, Email Lisa

Amanda Williams

SC DHHS, Email Amanda

Lathran Woodard

SC Primary Health Care Association, Email Lathran


Call to Action for Health Equity in South Carolina

More details |  Tools, contacts, and resources for implementation

The Call to Action for Health Equity focuses on changing the way organizations see their role in helping diverse populations make healthy choices, access health and social services, and enjoy healthier physical and social environments. It is composed of four actions that will help our organizations understand obstacles to health improvement and how to work together to develop sustainable solutions for accelerating health improvement for everyone in South Carolina. It has four components:

  • Data driven decision-making: Collect and use data to identify and guide decision making regarding the health equity challenges in South Carolina.
    • Collect data to identify health equity challenges experienced by our employees and clients and use it to design and implement targeted interventions.
    • Use secondary data to identify health equity challenges in the geographic areas of influence of our organizations and use it to design and implement targeted interventions.
  • Cultural competence and responsiveness: Develop and maintain a culturally competent and responsive organizational culture for employees, clients and partners.
  • Inclusive decision-making: Ensure our organizations are designed to guarantee inclusive decision making. This, through enhanced emphasis on the recruitment of highly qualified minorities for leadership positions, and the investment in filling the pipeline with diverse leaders for this and future generations.
  • Community Engagement: Engage the community as partners in the design and delivery of sustainable health solutions.